Physical wellness


Title IX

313-577-9999 |

Prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs and activities that receive federal funding.

Zero Tolerance Policy for any conduct prohibited under Title IX including:

  • Gender-based discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual assault
  • Dating/intimate partner violence
  • Stalking
  • Retaliation against any person that reports prohibited conduct

Additional resources

Campus Health Center

The Campus Health Center remains open Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to assist all students with their health care needs, including concerns about COVID-19, sexual health, clearance exams, flu shots and other immunizations, illness visits and more.

Appointment types 

When you call (313-577-5041), our front office will ask questions and determine what type of appointment is necessary. Appointment types include: Tele-health (phone), Tele-medicine (video), and Physical appointment at CHC.

Patient portal

The Campus Health Center has a patient portal which means you can do a lot of things virtually. Book appointments, fill out forms, check your results, etc., which will expedite your visits, saving you time.

Virtual programs and engagement

All of our programs are available on our Health Programming webpage and include PowerPoint presentations, recorded webinars, along with various handouts. As well, we launched live webinars that you can register for and our "Ask-an-Expert" engagement form, where you can ask specific questions on an anonymous form and a qualified healthcare provider will respond on CHC's social media platforms the next Wednesday. 

Free COVID-19 Testing

Be confident that you are staying healthy and keeping your loved ones safe by getting a free diagnostic (nasal swab) test for COVID-19 at the Campus Health Center (CHC).

Call CHC at 313-577-5041 to make an appointment for free testing.

Vaccination, more important now than ever

While COVID-19 lingers on, the last thing you need to worry about is catching vaccine-preventable diseases like the flu. Many viruses and bacteria can easily spread in public shared spaces, so as the restrictions loosen and you start venturing out more, make sure your vaccines are up-to-date. Busy students don't have time to be sick, and vaccines are a safe and effective way to help prevent many serious diseases. CHC offers all WSU students flu shots at no out-of-pocket cost, which means we will bill insurance if you have it, but you won't pay a penny out of pocket! Call us at 313-577-5041 for more information.

Student Disability Services

1600 Undergraduate Library | 313-577-1851 | Videophone: 313-202-4216 |

Student Disability Services (SDS) serves as a resource for the Wayne State University community to ensure academic access and inclusion for students, supporting a view of disability guided by social, cultural and political forces.

We work to create an inclusive academic environment by promoting universal design throughout the university.

We provide academic accommodations, resources and training in assistive technology to foster self-advocacy and success for students with disabilities. We share information to foster understanding of disability throughout the university community.

The W Food Pantry

703 W. Kirby | 313-577-0154 |

The W Food Pantry is currently open Wednesdays only, from noon to 4 p.m. until further notice. Bags of supplies will be packaged in advance for pickups. Please email The W with any questions.

The W Food Pantry supports currently enrolled Wayne State students by providing resources (i.e. non-perishable food, toiletries, and feminine hygiene items) to reduce food and other insecurities they may face. With the help of students, faculty and staff, and WSU community volunteers as well as our donors we are able to continue to fulfill our mission of enhancing student success. 


  • Provide students in need with access to nutritious food at no cost
  • Reduce food insecurities among students across WSU campus
  • Increase awareness of what it means to be food insecure while reducing the stigma surrounding food pantries and food insecurities
  • Provide students additional resources (throughout Wayne State and the greater community)
  • Enhance student success


Warrior Meal Share Program

The Warrior Meal Share Program supports currently enrolled Wayne State students by providing meal swipes to reduce food insecurities students may face. Meal swipes are shared by Wayne State students with meal plans who donate their guest meal swipes. Wayne State Housing & Dining and The W Pantry have teamed up to create this program with the joint mission of enhancing student success.

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Substance abuse prevention education

313-577-1010 |


eCHECKUP TO GO (e-CHUG) is a brief, confidential, interactive assessment tool that provides students with individualized feedback regarding their alcohol use, and helps them identify their risk of harm associated with that use. The e-CHUG was developed by San Diego State University and is currently used by nearly 600 colleges and universities. This tool is free to students with no limit on how many times the assessment can be taken, allowing for students to track their alcohol use over a period of time.

While there is a good portion of Wayne State students who either do not drink or drink very infrequently, most students will at some point know someone (a classmate, friend, family member), who drinks at levels that causes them concern. e-CHUG provides basic knowledge about alcohol and helps students identify risk factors and patterns that lead to dangerous and destructive drinking. The e-CHUG also provides a listing of local and campus resources available to individuals who may have an alcohol and/or drug problem. Knowing this information can strengthen our ability to help our friends when they need help and make Wayne State University a safe and fun place to live, work and play.

Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center

The Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center has a full slate of virtual programming all summer long. Live fitness classes over Zoom, including some favorites of yoga, Zumba and STRONG Nation. Live class links are posted to the Active at Home page. If you need to fuel your competitive spirit, check out the full slate of virtual intramural sports, including E-Sports leagues in Madden, FIFA, NHL, MLB and Super Smash Bros. The MHRFC personal trainers have been hard at work producing fitness demonstrations and full workouts that are available on our YouTube channel. Carole, Julian, Deb, Camila, Nicole and JoElla bring some great workouts you can do right at home.

Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center on YouTube

Active at Home Web Site

Virtual Intramural Sports

Lactation Rooms for Nursing Mothers