Emotional wellness


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

552 Student Center | 313-577-3398

Counseling and Psychological Services can help you with your mental health needs, while also fully doing our part with social distancing. CAPS offers telemental health services to currently registered WSU students using the Microsoft Teams app. To work remotely with a CAPS counselor, just download the Teams app to a computer or smartphone, then call 313-577-3398. We are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to provide you with an initial consultation.

What is Microsoft Teams? 

Although CAPS cannot currently provide in-person counseling, the entire CAPS team is 100% dedicated to providing the WSU community with ongoing care and treatment using telemental health services. To inquire about any service offered at CAPS, please call 313-577-3398, and watch this space for updates.

Warrior Chat

Have you ever wanted to just vent about school, work-life balance or, well, anything? Warrior Chat is here to do just that. It's a peer-to-peer counseling program that can assist with listening to your needs, concerns or good news. Visit warriorlife.wayne.edu/warriorchat to find the perfect time to talk to a peer.

WSU Suicide Prevention

313-577-5041 | Stephanie Kastely, WSU Suicide Prevention Coordinator 

The aim of the WSU Suicide Prevention Initiative is to develop a program of education, training, and mental health and suicide prevention awareness for faculty, staff, students, families, and the community. The WSU Suicide Prevention Initiative is made possible through a Garrett Lee Smith Campus Suicide Prevention three year grant awarded through Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). 

The Initiative currently offers free online suicide prevention training as well as in-person training upon request. Please visit our website for information about online training and request in-person training or events. 

Mental Health and Wellness Clinic, College of Education

441 Education Building | 313-577-1681


We have several training programs in various, overlapping areas of mental health theory and practice, including Art Therapy, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Counseling Psychology, Rehabilitation Counseling, School and Community Psychology, and School Counseling. Together, our clinicians-in-training provide services under the full supervision of licensed faculty.

Scheduling a session

During the COVID-19 "Stay Home, Stay Safe" order, until further notice, all sessions will be offered via telephone (voice only), cell phone FaceTime (iPhones only) or Zoom (video conferencing). There are no fees for our counseling/psychotherapy services at this time.

Art Therapy

Did you know Art Therapy can:

  1. Provide a positive distraction  art as therapy can help people to focus on the positive (i.e., away from cravings or negative thoughts). Making art can be a constructive and enjoyable activity or hobby.
  2. Emotional release art as therapy can provide a healthy outlet for expressing feelings and fears, as well as hopes and dreams.
  3. Stress relief creating art can relieve stress and relax the mind and body.
  4. Sketching or doodling in a journal can promote focus or awareness on the self, often providing artists with a new perspective.

Go to go.wayne.edu/mhawc to learn more and to make an appointment, or email mhawc@wayne.edu for inquiries.

Counseling and Art Therapy: 313-577-1681

Counseling and School Psychology: 313-577-8744

WSU Psychology Training Clinic 

The Wayne State University Psychology Training Clinic provides mental health services, especially psychotherapy and psychological assessment for a wide range of mental health problems and diagnoses. These include anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance use and relationship conflict. Our services are open to anyone in the community, including adults, adolescents, children, families and couples. We provide services free of charge for Wayne State University students. During the pandemic we have been providing telehealth services via phone or internet free of charge for the community at large. Please call our main number, 313-577-2840, to inquire about our services and set up an appointment. Services are provided by advanced graduate students supervised by clinical psychology faculty.

WSU Basic Koru Meditation class

We are living in a time that challenges our mental health and well-being. We are living with the mix of fears and sorrows that naturally come with a global pandemic. This is a time to intentionally deepen our awareness in the space we live in. Mindfulness is a way of living more fully in the moment to increase awareness and be more present to what you are feeling, thinking and experiencing without judgment and with kindness and patience for yourself.

Koru Mindfulness is a free, four-session course that will teach you the concepts of mindfulness and meditation skills. The course will help you build the habit of using these skills in your life on a regular basis. It is most beneficial if you can stick with the four classes from beginning to end, so attendance at all four classes is required.

Please visit getinvolved.wayne.edu for upcoming classes and registration.

Student Disability Services

1600 Undergraduate Library | 313-577-1851 | Videophone: 313-202-4216 | studentdisability@wayne.edu

Student Disability Services (SDS) serves as a resource for the Wayne State University community to ensure academic access and inclusion for students, supporting a view of disability guided by social, cultural and political forces.

We work to create an inclusive academic environment by promoting universal design throughout the university.

We provide academic accommodations, resources and training in assistive technology to foster self-advocacy and success for students with disabilities. We share information to foster understanding of disability throughout the university community.

Campus Health Center


Every currently enrolled Wayne State student gets one free illness visit per semester. Your free student visit covers the provider's time spent to evaluate you and address your reasons for coming in for the visit.  Any additional testing and/or procedures that are needed outside of that evaluation are not included in your free student visit.

Our Services Include:

  • Illness Care (Acute & Chronic)
  • Preventative Health Care (Immunizations, Travel Health, TB Testing)
  • Routine Health Care (Routine Wellness, Wellness Exams, and Sexual Health & Testing)
  • Health Promotion (Wellness/Health, Health Education)

Visit The Campus Health Center on Tuesdays in The Student Center Building for "Health Topic Tuesday's".